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Are you sure you have a clear vision of your (paid) social strategy?

At BWAT, we live and breathe paid social media. It’s our groove. That’s why we provide paid social training & support to help your brand stand out from the rest.

Online marketing is evolving. Our paid social gurus know how to get your ads the attention they deserve and how to optimise your campaign'(s). Spamming people isn’t what we’re about at BWAT. Instead, we help you identify your perfect audience and effectively advertise to them by focusing on high performance.

Paid social can be used to help increase online conversions, boost ROI, boost enhance social presence and/or improve engagement -which, while we’re on engagement should always be more means than an end).

Not to sound like total cheeseballs, but we really do invest in your success. We work with you to understand the business’s goals and objectives of your business. Then we align your strategy and paid social channel(s) accordingly.

We have many years of experience in creating paid social campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

Not every platform is right for your business, and we won’t recommend what won’t work for you. Like any partnership, your success is our win too. So give us a call and let’s chat about what is right for you.

Is you marketing team ready? Do you have strategic plans with paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest? Do you need help with setting up those campaign or expertise to set up your strategy? Or you want to upgrade your teams with the skills they need to thrive in the social age?

BWAT is a certified Facebook Marketing Consultants Partner. This means, we have met comprehensive requirements. You can feel confident you’re working with a partner you can trust.

We are one of the few Belgian Marketing Partners providing support for advanced Facebook pixel events and parameters, as well as for advanced matching, dynamic ads, and catalog setups. We also support the Facebook Offline Conversions API, Facebook pixel implementations for advanced commerce platforms  (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc…).

Each of our team members has been certified by a Facebook Engineer (certification includes hands-on coding ). Our specialists are ready and standing by to help you with the technical heavy to get the most out of your Facebook advertising. This will enable you to accurately track the conversions that matter most to your business (including across multiple ad sources). It will also empower you to create and populate custom audiences for laser-sharp targeting that eliminates advertising waste.

Just let us know what problems we can help you solve.


Discover our open courses on paid social

Brands all over Europe come to us to better understand the latest in paid social trends to ignite their online presence and make the best paid social marketing best practices part of their business’s DNA. You too can come and join one of our next « open courses » (or book a private one, if you prefer)!



Un formateur hors norme et une maîtrise des sujets abordés. Un motivateur et pédagogue qu’il faut absolument connaître.
— Said Serrokh
As a fast fashion retailer with over 5,000 products sold online in four European markets, we were looking for a partner who could help us in a dynamic and intelligent implementation of our social campaigns.
Cédric allowed us to set up a single Master Product Catalog using secondary language and country feeds which enabled us to create an optimized dynamic ad across our various markets (BE, FR, NL & LU) that could display prices and products for multiple countries in several languages.
Cédric also helped us measure offline sales by tagging in-store purchase that began with online bookings (hence offline conversion).
— Tom Baelden, COO Lolaliza
As a mMember of the INSECC European group, it was important for us to position ourselves as a shining example of exceptional implementation of paid social strategy. It was important for us to better retain prospects interested in our Bachelor and Master programs, but also to offer cross proposals.
Cédric allowed us to set up a master tagging plan that took into account a prospect’s online actions, but also his/her “deferred custom events” which were programmed to set off triggers within Google Tag Manager (for example, a “custom event” would be triggered after a prospect remained idle for 10 seconds on our page, thereby singling out people who stopped to read about one of our on a programs). Similarly, we were able to optimize our traffic campaigns by choosing this “custom event” as a conversion goal).
Although we already had a strategic site, Cédric deployed for us a dynamic Product Catalog allowing us to execute a dynamic retargeting campaign organized by pillar (bachelors, masters, etc. ...)
— Sébastien Engelmann, Directeur Marketing & Communication Membre de la direction
Make no mistake, advertising on Facebook requires a deep understanding of digital advertising techniques, but also a very creative mind, Cédric definitely has both.
I’ve been in Cédric’s classes quite a few times. I always come out of them with tons of fresh ideas and ready-to-apply tips and tricks.
I definitely recommend Cédric to whomever wants to take their paid social game to the next level! 🚀
— Laurent Hayoz, Digital Advertising Specialist @ Enigma
Cédric est un des meilleurs experts en réseaux sociaux que je connaisse. J’ai participé à une session Facebook Ads Advanced et c’était tout simplement parfait: une analyse et des tips d’une intelligence rare dans le métier. Le tout dans une ambiance très décontractée.
— Vincent Jeunejean, Managing Partner @ MikadoPlus.lu
I’m a small business owner in the events sector. I have been to about five different classes taught by Mr. Rainotte on paid social advertising (CREA CC, CREA Master, workshops + tutorials). I think he’s just a splendid teacher! His classes helped me to spend less $$ on paid campaigns while reaching more people. Recently I was able to triple my event audience using his tips. He is indeed a master of FB advertising and I highly recommend his FB advertising classes!
— Susan Isko, Founder, Head of Events at The Inner Ear

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Cédric rainotte

A social media strategist (ads), digital marketing specialist, public speaker, and paid social media advertising coach, Cédric Rainotte is ideally positioned to provide a holistic range of bespoke services to companies operating in niche sectors. By combining research, in-depth experience, passion and a results-based approach, Cédric creates strategies truly tailored to his clients’ needs.

When teaching, Cédric demystifies the fast-paced world of digital strategy, social media, marketing and public relations to show how businesses can benefit from powerful digital tools to improve their bottom lines through proven strategies. Cedric offers informative, engaging, and--, above all--, useful training.



Cédric posesses many official certifications which guarantee his skill level and ability to support you in your most complex projects.

Facebook blueprint Certified Media Buying Professional

Since May 2018

Facebook blueprint Certified Media Planning Professional

Since May 2018

Facebook blueprint Certified Ads Product Developer

Since May 2019